Company Profile

Jiann Sheng Machinery & Electric Industrial Co., Ltd

JSEDM is globally recognized for EDM manufacturing expertise. We are based in Taiwan and have been producing high performance EDM since 1982. Presenting wide range of machines covering conventional Die Sinkers and Wire Cut to fulfill customers' need.

Controller system is not only our specialty but also strength; a user-friendly interface ensured the customer to experience a brand new level of sparking.


Since 1982



























Jiann Sheng Machinery & Electric Industrial Company Limited was established.

The first manufacturer to apply DC Servo Control to EDM in Taiwan.

Successfully promoted our EDM to overseas market.

Developed the first Orbit Loran and obtained the patent No.36630 of CNS.

Purchased new land for 5,950M2 in Taichung Industrial Park.

The new factory had been built up in Taichung Industrial Park.

For better management of JSEDM, the structure of five departments was established:Production, Quality Control, R & D, Marketing & Sales, and Administration.

Our Orbit Loran obtained Award of Good Products Design in Taiwan.

Upgraded our technical level to develop CNC EDM & Wire Cut EDM.

Started to promote CNC EDM into market.

Obtained CE certification for our CNC EDM series.

Passed through ISO-9002 certification

Adopted MIS system and all documents computerized for improving the efficiency of all processes.

Obtained CE certification for our Wire Cut EDM and the first one to complete AC power Supply in Taiwan.

The Submerged Type of Wire Cut EDM was completed.

The new CNC System of control and power was completed.

Passed through ISO-9001 certification.

Our CNC Fine Powder EDM was successfully promoted into global market.

AWT (Auto. Wire-Threading) system of Wire Cut EDM was completed.

The Windows version of Wire Cut EDM was completed

The PCD(Polycrystalline Diamond)-Specific Wire Cut EDM was completed.

Developed EDM with rotation Z axis discharge function.

Design and development specialization processes machine.

Designing customize robot arm.

Put in the development on Graphite machining center.Put in the development on Abrasive Flow Machine.

Graphite Machining Center is published at TIMTOS exhibition on March.Abrasive Flow Machine is published at TIMTOS exhibition on March.

Machine Features

Machine & Characteristics

JSEDM produces machines in a highly controlled environment. All machines must pass multiple sets of highly secured procedures before we deliver to our customers.

Systems and the design of the machine were not only made for high accuracy but also to make the user easy to manipulate; Moreover, each part of the machines were finished with a smooth and comfortable edge, which makes our machines nice and elegant.


“It's Very Well Made
In Taiwan” Award

JSEDM R&D team focuses on developing machines that can help the user easier to manage the machine itself, but yet, still maintain the accuracy of the task.

Each movement of the machine is set to perform precise actions that support the user from finishing their work perfectly. JSEDM also cares about the environment. We design our machine in the simplest way using our special selected environment-friendly components to protect our earth.

Global Cooperation

We sell EDM machines globally

Aggressiveness, Honesty and Positive Attitude are the things that we build with our partners during the past 30 years BECAUSE WE CARE! Living in the 21th century, we have entered the era of Global Village.

Friendship is what we care about and we believe it is the right path to lunch the door of success. We welcome you to join the journey with us to spark up the future.

Our Spirit

Honest Attitude

Trust is always the first thing for us when comes to customers. A trade agreement is not just sell and buy for us, what we desire more is a long-term relationship with the customer. A free communication barrier is our concept to ensure smooth discussion in all time.

Perfect Quality

A multiple stage of checking process is engaged in our quality test. Besides, a rigorous material selecting is mandatory to secure the stability of the mechanical structure of the machines. Meanwhile, sparking test after the assembly needs to be done before delivery to lock up the sparking quality when it comes to the final product.

Permanent Service

After Service is always a concern for the customer when years pass by, it is also the key to maintain the relationship in long-term. To secure the friendship with our partners, JSEDM has build a unique service system in order to solve the problem in the first place and to avoid the communication delayed by different time zone.